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Free version of the legendary MMORPG

with old school chronicles and focus on PvP


EXP\SP x15
Adena x7
Drop x2 (Кол-во x1)
RaidBoss EXP x1 (Drop x1)
Spoil x1
Quest x1

Premium account: +50% EXP,SP. +50% Adena,Drop,Spoil




Go this way quickly to participate in real battles


  The player is sleeping, but the experience is on

Lineage 2 Classic Old takes care of the time of its players. Set up the auto-fight function: the character will pump himself, not forgetting to use consumables. More details here.


Getting a profession is easy! To do this, you no longer need to kill hundreds of mobs: 1 and 2 pros for free, 3 for Adena.

 Auxiliary moments

Pump faster with amps that are available for your daily reward. The character receives many times more EXP / SP points and gets a unique currency for a special store.




The path of a loner or a coordinated team

work - what do you like?


Self-sufficiency or team

Hunting zones are adapted both for group mopping-ups and for solo-pumping. Destroy enemies with friends or fight alone: in Lineage 2 Old, even a healer can cope with monsters! 

 Play one window

There is no more need to play for several characters at the same time. Amplifying effects can be obtained not only from party members, but also in the Alt + B section (8-hour buff).

 Daily Olympus

 You can fight in the arenas of the Olympics every day, and the rating of Heroes is updated once а week.

 Epic sieges

 Fight for the castle with the whole server - in Lineage 2 Old you will remember what really large-scale battles are!



The restriction on windows is up to 2 windows per computer (with PA - 3)

Server Features:

- Full S Grade Weapon / Armor, hunting zones - Imperial Tomb & Four Sepulchers, Epic Raidboss - Frintezza and many other interesting features!
- Daily Automatic TvT Events with rewards and PvP
- Unique currency to buy all the best products in Alt + b Shop.
- A clan can have up to 80 players
- Change of profession, teleport and buff are available in the store Alt + B
- Full 8 hour buff

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